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The Strokers Car Club


The Strokers were an early Twin Cities Club, of which most of the members lived in the northern suburbs.  Their garage was called Strokers Automotive, “Performance was their Specialty”. In the early days, they were one of the more active and successful clubs.  They would loan GSTA the money to put on their car show and then would get reimbursed once the show was over.  They have always been active in GSTA and still are much help in putting on the show.  The queens sponsored by the club include the 1959 Queen Sandy Hogan, and the Theis sisters: Susan, the 1969 Queen, who also went on to be the Aquatennial Princess of the Lakes; Debbie, Princess in 1972, Vicki, Queen in 1975, and Judy, Queen in 1978. Connie and Marlyn Englert spent many hours coordinating the Queens Tea and taking the Queens and Princesses to parades, races, and the Aquatennial.


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