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Welcome to the GSTA Dragster History Page


Since 1963, GSTA has raced 8 different dragsters in AA/GD, BB/GD, Procomp, TAD, Super Comp, Comp, and Nostalgia classes. The GSTA racing experience is unique in the fact that it has been a true “Club” car in having over 35 drivers and 60 crew members in its history. Early on, the Club decided that anyone that wanted to put in the effort, time and sweat that goes along with racing a dragster, should be allowed to drive it. Not all the crew members chose that option. Some only made 1 pass and decided that was enough. Many more lived the rush that only a good run in the car can bring.


This section of the web site is dedicated to all the drivers and crews and the different dragsters that they drove and worked on.  It is a work in progress and because of the many years covered, and the fact that some records no longer exist, we want input from anyone who drove the cars. 


Dragster #1 - "The Little One"                  Dragster #2 - "The Dragmaster" 











      Dragster #3 - "The Stuckey Car"                  Dragster #4 - "The RCS Car" 











          Dragster #5 - "The Twin"                     Dragster #6 - "The Rear Engine Car"













Dragster #7 - "The Yellow Car" 









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