Welcome to the Cogs Car Club

The Cogs Car Club was founded in the early 1950’s by Nestor Akrin and others. As new members joined a few years later, the founders seemed to drop out.  Some of the members at the time GSTA was formed were: Al Fehn, Jerry Anderson, Ron Gageby, Don Debos, Wayne Pashke, George Dapper, Dave Klake, Dave Ashlim, Chuck Epstein, Pat Mc Carty, Leo Petrowski, Roger Wirtz, Larry Johnson, and Mark Steenerson.
 They were a northside club with their main hangout being Harold’s Pure Oil on 47th and Lyndale No. or the downtown Bridgeman’s.  At one time the regular meetings were held at the old northside precinct police station.
  According to the club constitution “Any person of good character interested in Hot-Rod activities and who has, or is building an acceptable car is eligible for membership...” Dues were 25cents per week or $1.00 per month, at the members option.
 Cogs members have contributed to GSTA in many ways. Every GSTA office has been held by a Cog at some time.  Cogs have been very active in the Dragsters that GSTA had. They have provided artwork for the show entries and posters.  Cogs have always been very active in the GSTA Spectacular as participants, workers and providing leadership. 
In recent years the Cogs have held an outdoor car show in the Spring, following the GSTA show.
The Cogs Car Club is currently one of the most active clubs in GSTA, with plans to be around for many more years as second generations become members.